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Movember 25th

Free day pass wellness resort for participants Movember Run

Free day pass wellness resort for participants Movember Run

We haven’t even started running yet, and already we are telling you to relax. That’s unbelievable! It’s true though, because ‘De Vernieuwde Zwaluwhoeve’ offers you a free day pass when you participate in the Movember Run Amsterdam! That means you’ll earn back your registration money.

Making sure that men move themselves; that’s the goal of Move, a new health initiative of the Movember Foundation. Because moving yourself three times a week for thirty minutes will already positively influence your health. As the organisation of Movember Run Amsterdam we can only support that for 100% and that’s why we are one of the key Movember events in the Netherlands.

But after exercise comes relaxation. That’s something that ‘de Vernieuwde Zwaluwhoeve’ can tell you like no one else, and that’s why they’ve decided to join our forces. Who’d ever thought that the message of Movember Run Amsterdam would reach the Dutch Veluwe?

At ‘De Vernieuwde Zwaluwhoeve’ you can enjoy saunas, bubble baths, relaxing chairs, massages, and great food and drinks.

A perfect way to relax after the Movember Run Amsterdam! And the great thing is, that Movember Run Amsterdam participants will receive a day pass worth €32.50, completely free and without any obligations.

If you want to learn more about this, visit the website of De Vernieuwde Zwaluwhoeve or sign up for the Movember Run Amsterdam. You will then receive your day pass along with your Movember Run Amsterdam bib number.


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