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The Corona virus: it’s okay to feel down

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  • By Bertram Welink
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The Corona virus: it’s okay to feel down

As the organisers of the Movember Run Amsterdam we focus on men’s health for at least one month every year. Mental health is an important part of this. But sometimes one month is not enough, especially not in a time of the Corona virus.

While countries such as China are slowly recovering from their Corona crisis, Europe is still in the middle of it. And that can cause many emotions. First of all because you may be concerned about your own health or the health of family members and friends, in the Netherlands or abroad. For example, visits to the supermarket can cause a lot of stress, as well as a cold that normally wouldn't worry you.

In addition, you may feel socially isolated due to the measures that were taken. Especially when you live alone and friends reach out much less, because they too are concerned about the consequences of meeting others. Fortunately, there are tools available to facilitate online conversations, but they will not always be a good replacement of normal face to face contact.

Lastly, you may be worried about your job, because from the news and people around you, you’ll hear messages of self-employed people without work, people who have lost their jobs, or are simply unable to do their jobs as it requires face to face contact. You may even be one of those unfortunate ones yourself.

In short, there’s a lot that can make you feel bad or insecure right now. And especially when other people seem to not respond strongly to the situation, you may feel like you're the only one feeling mentally down right now. The answer is: almost everyone feels stronger emotions right now and you are certainly not alone!

The question, of course, is what can you do about it? The internet is full of well intentioned lists: watch Netflix, clean up your house, plan your next vacation, read, write, follow online fitness / yoga videos, or online courses ... and so on! However, one topic remains unmentioned: talking about it, or if there is no one to talk to, shout it out (like Howard Beale in one of my favorite films Network from 1976).

As the Movember Run organization we want to be there for you and we ask our MoBros and MoSistas to be there for each other. That's why we’ve set up a Facebook community page, where we can easily connect with each other. Of course, this group is not only for people who seek contact, but also for people who want to make themselves available to talk to others. This way we help each other get through this difficult time. If you are unable to access the page, send us a personal message via our Facebook page and we will add you!

Ps. Of course we hope that you will continue to be available to your fellow MoBros and MoSistas even after the Corona crisis is over, because support is also very important throughout the rest of the year. For tips on how to deal with the Corona crisis, we also refer to the website.

Stay Safe!


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