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Weekly status update - November 8th

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Weekly status update - November 8th

More exciting than the US elections? Maybe not, but certainly worth a read! Here's a status update of your contributions to our Movember Run Challenge!

Walked or ran the most kilometres

We're super happy to see that people have started moving for Movember, and are proud to share our top 10 for this week. These are the MoBros and MoSistas who have completed the most kilometres since November 1st. We deducted any moves prior to the first to keep the challenge fair.


Position Name KMs
1 Frank Mijnals 70.48
2 Hans van der Lans 53.15
3 Maarten Tip 50.56
4 Standa Peřina 47.64
5 Joyce Weersink 47.47
6 Ineke Knijp 35.88
7 Alice Timmerman 34.44
8 Dragan Talevski 26.05
9 Aditya Roy 24.84
10 Sondre Aarland 22.42


Hall of Shame

These heros are unfortunately still showing zeros when it comes to the number of kilometres completed. Please don't forget to connect your MoSpace to Strava, Fitbit or Garmin so we can track your amazing performances! 


  • Sarah Annema
  • Ivan B
  • Neha Bo
  • Eric de Vries
  • Gonçalo Dias
  • Pim Evers
  • Pascal GODARD
  • robert goedemans
  • Floortje Haest
  • Alex Hartog
  • Simon Hossain
  • Bastiaan Huisman
  • Joris Koene
  • Stella Koudstaal
  • Lotte Kuiper
  • Roberto Magnani
  • José Luis March
  • Leon Pieket
  • Federico Ragona
  • Rosalie Rog
  • Cedric Roskam
  • Essie Running
  • Clarke Scott
  • Charlier Thomas
  • dirk Van Den brande
  • Steve Van der Auwera
  • Chris Zadorozny


Raised the most for Movember

Here are the teams and individuals that raised the most money so far.



Position Team name Money raised
1 MoCoCo’s €1,220.00
2 MoRun €455.25
3 Emakina.NL €128.00
4 Bikers a moustache €125.00
5 MSA Movember €65.00



Position Name Money raised
1 Sondre Aarland €1,245.39
2 Ineke Knijp €465.00
3 Kim Warink €335.25
4 Ferry van Paridon €200.00
5 Joyce Weersink €180.00
6 Joris Koene €122.00
7 Leon Pieket €120.00
8 robert goedemans €115.00
9 Simon Hossain €100.00
10 Alice Timmerman €80.00


Running a perfectly shaped moustache

So far we received one submission and it's been a great one! Congrats to Harry Weggemans and Esther The for leading our ShapeRunning competition! Can you do better? Upload your version here.




Upload your creative video

We'll have fun prizes for the most creative video too, so dress up in Roaring 20s style (this year's theme) and take a video of yourself (or your mate) while running. You can upload it here.


Didn't sign up yet or want to donate?

Check out how your can join the challenge or make a donation on our home page!



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