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5 reasons not to participate to the Movember Run (and why those reasons suck)

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5 reasons not to participate to the Movember Run (and why those reasons suck)

We still hear them; reasons not to participate to the Movember Run Amsterdam. It’s ridiculous, we know! In this blog post we’ll tell you why those reasons suck.

1. ”I haven’t been running for years now”

The most commonly heard reason not to participate. The Movember Run Amsterdam is a running event of only 5k. So it’s a running event that’s perfect for people with limited running experience or for those who want to get back in shape.

Really don’t want to run with us? Sign up as one of our volunteers and still enjoy all the fun!

2. “I’m not a man”

Fourty percent of last year’s participants was female. We actually really like it that women take an interest in our event. Let’s run and raise money for Movember together!

3. “I don’t have a moustache”

That’s okay. Even if you can’t grow a moustache, you can still participate. We do like it if you can come up with an alternative; for instance, a t-shirt with a big moustache printed on it. Or just a simple fake moustache will do.

4. “I don’t want to shave off my beard”

Fair enough! We totally understand that. Especially if you’ve been trying to grow it for many years. So just sign up and run with us. We think a beard is a bit like a fully grown moustache anyway ;-)

5. “I can’t make it because I’m at a friend of my aunt’s sister”

… so just cancel that appointment …

Still didn’t sign up? Hurry up because we only have a 2 days left!


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