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Dress Up Tips for the Movember Gala Parté

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Dress Up Tips for the Movember Gala Parté

Still not sure how you want to dress up for tonight's Movember Gala Parté? Here are a few tips!

Dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow

Steal someone's boat, take it to the party, and show off your moustache with all the beautiful single ladies! Please remember to bring back the boat afterwards; there's only one Jack Sparrow that gets away with stealing boats..

Dress up as Freddy Mercury

Bring your vacuum cleaner, sing a nice tune and shout 'I want to break free'. Don't shout it too often. There are many other Queen songs that are worth singing or shouting.

Dress up as Super Mario

Bring a couple of turtles, jump on their back and throw them in the wait, please don't do that. Also, don't jump in the toilet because you think there is a secret world below with lots of golden coins...weirdo!

Dress up as Stephen Fry

Brag about your latest biography, your trip around the US, and your time with Rowan Atkinson. Make a few cynical jokes and leave the party when your English taxi arrives.

Dress up as Yosemite Sam

Bring two guns (not real ones) shoot around the place and get angry at everyone. Be careful for the grey bunny. He's up to no good!

Perfect! You should be good to go. Enjoy the party and don't forget to keep your moustache until tomorrow. It's going to be an epic 5k run boys and girls!


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